Heartland Standardbred Sale

Previously known as Minnesota Standardbred Sale

Early Consignments

Highland Rockstar 6J815.

Sire: Rocknroll Hanover, Dam: Cams Sweet Luck. Sires sire: Western Ideal, Sires Dam: Rich N Elegant. Dams sire: Camluck, Dams dam: Sweet Art.

This is a nice Rocknroll Hanover mare p4 1:53, $114,080 earned. She is carrying her first foal by Easy Again p3 1:50, $920,000 and MN eligible. Last breeding date 5-3-2020.

Diana's Cancan p8 1:55, $33,500. 5G044. Sire: Armbro Mackintosh, Dam: Yes Diana. Sires sire: Jate Lobell, Sires dam: Apple Country. Dams sire: Sportsmaster, Dams dam: Yes she Can Can.

This mares only foal is Perch p3 1:51.1, $125,673. Diana sells with a Stevensville filly at her side and is back in foal to Easy Again p3 1:50 $920,000. Last bred 4-24-2020. All stud fees paid with return service free if no live foal.

Both consigned by Dr. Ken Rucker


Sire: For You AlmostFree, Dam: Golden Victory,

Sire of Dam: Valley Victor!


Sire: Easy Again, Dam: Wisconsin Believer,

Sire of Dam: Dali

**Ariel's Rocket**

Sire: Ariel Salute, Dam: Wetenwild Hanover,

Sire of Dam: Explosive

"Arm's Ville", Sire is Stevensville, Dam is On The Arms

"Ima Flash of Pixie", Sire is Southwind Flash, Dam is Ima Pixie at Midnight.

"Quick Flash Photo", Sire is Southwind Flash, Dam is Real Quick Win.


Sire: Ariel Salute, Dam: Valerie Cruiser,

Sire of Dam: Cozy Cruiser!


Sire: Money Talks, Dam: Tomridge Baby Doll,

Sire of Dam: Tom Ridge!

**Al-Mar Mister Talk** 7T495

Sire: Money Talks , Dam: Miss Lyla,

Sire of Dam: Dejarmbro

**Al-Mar Talk Money** 1TB39 MN

Sire: Money Talks, Dam: Neighborly Ways,

Sire of Dam: Angus Hall!

**AL-Mar On Time**

Sire: Money Talks, Dam: Anticipation,

Sire of Dam: Donerail!

**Al-Mar Talk Forme** 6T213 MN

Sire: Money Talks , Dam: Wait For Me,

Sire of Dam: Northern Bailey

**Ariel's Darla**

Sire: Ariel Salute, Dam: Thebeachismine,

Sire of Dam: Claudius Augustus!

**AL-Mar Free Dreams** 4T857 MN

Sire: For You Almostfree, Dam: Dreams N Glory,

Sire of Dam: Mac's Crown K.

**Al-Mar Foxy Bragen** 1TB33 MN

Sire: Braggart , Dam: DJ Speedy Fox,

Sire of Dam: Dem Speedy Bones!

*Gracie's Ridge* 7T698 (bay mare)

Tom Ridge~Maria Grace

MN sired, IA foaled

*SV Hard Tack* 3TN43 (bay mare)

Royalty For Life~RC Biscuit

Ontario sired, IA foaled. Eligible to Swedish Breeder's Crown, WEG Stnd Breeders of Ontario, International Stallion, Bluegrass Series, Champlain Filly Trot, Currier & Ives, Hoosier Stake, The Horseman, and more!

*SV Soxy's Girl* 3T875 (bay mare)

Tom Ridge~Soxy's Kid

MN sired, IA foaled.

*SV Safety Net* 1T065 (bay mare)

Tom Ridge~Besmitten Hanover

Half sister to Setyourheartonme.

MN sired, IA foaled.

*SV Pass the Torch* 2T221 (bay gelding)

Tom Ridge~Miss Payton

Out of a 100% producing mare.

MN sired, IA foaled.

*SV I've Promise You* 6T949 (bay mare)

Tom Ridge~Rhema

MN sired, IA foaled.

*Still I Rise* O6605 (bay mare)

Mare that drives with tight lines. She's a boy's horse, TSS. In foal to Tom Ridge. Last bred 5-6-20. Stud fee paid, non refundable.

*Watch My Feet Go* 4T026 (bay mare)

Tymal Templar~Feet Don't Fail Me Now

Half sister to Sneakydon'tfailme.

IA sired, IA foaled.

**Lonepine Glory** 985141001226134 (bay gelding)

Matchstick Man~Awesome Marlie

MN & IA eligible

**Cuzzin Abra** 985141001225905 (bay gelding)

Abra~Cuzzin Jesse

MN & IA eligible

**It's Winding Time** 2T024 (bay gelding)

Wind Me Up~Flash Time

MN sired, IA foaled. First foal eligible to race out of this dam. He's in MN & IA programs.

**Keep It Rustic** 1TA81 (bay colt)

The Village Rusty~Shoe Show

MN & IA eligible

**Mr. Tymal** 5T508 (bay colt)

Tymal Templar~Booting Booty

IA foaled

**Newtown Victory** 7T295

Newtown Choclatier~Rose Run Jessica

MN eligible

**Magoos White Socks** 4TA80

Four White Socks~Magoos Beauty

MN eligible

**My Give A Damn's Busted** 6BC76

Armbro Scribe~KC Copper

16.1H broodmare, proven. In foal to For You Almostfree (mark 1:53 & 500k in earnings)

**Cobra Venom** 985141001314036

Southwind Cobra~Eccentric

MN eligible

**Galileos Calzini** 985141001314640

Southwind Cobra~Speedy Sensation

MN eligible

**Well Done Smores** 5TA07

Sire: Dredd, Dam: Smoothie

Foaled 5-27-19, 14:3H

IA sired & foaled

Dewey's Splendour 3JP86.

Sire: Deweycheatumnhowe, Dam: Northern Splendour. Sires sire: Muscles Yankee, Sires dam: Trolley Square, Dams sire: Balanced Image, Dams 2nd dam: Corinda Lobell. This mare stands 16.1 and is squarely made, she has a half brother in 1:53.4, another half brother 1:55, and a half sister in 1:54, and another half sister in 1:56. Her first colt was Dewey's Machine who earned $87,616 in 2 years of racing. We lost a Braggert yearling from her this year, she sells in foal to Braggert, stud fee paid. MN and Iowa eligible.

Broodmares, in foal!

**Chloes Silver Star** 2BR32

Sire: Intrepid Seelster, Dam: Silver Chloe

In foal to Aracache Hanover, due mid April. Vet checked 8-25-20. Dam of 2 in 1:54 or faster; (yearling by Art's Chip in this sale). Part of herd reduction. Consigned by Stonebridge Farm

**Acelace Street** 0K973

Sire: Muscle Massive, Dam: Covent Gardeio

Young mare in foal to Braggart, vet checked 8-25-20. Due late April. First foal (SB Early Edition) has won 4 straight as of Sept. 1st on Iowa circuit. Part of herd reduction. Consigned by Stonebridge Farm

"SB I Got You Babe" 8TN68

Sire: Justice Hall

Dam: Urge To Splurge 5G608

Ontario sired, Iowa foaled; Stakes: Arden Downs, Currier & Ives

Horseman #113, Ralph Wilfong #84, Hoosier Stake #85, Yonkers Trot (Stonebridge Farm)

"SB Postitve Cash Flow" 9T149

Sire: Easy Again

Dam: Cheryls Surprise 4FL22

MN sired, Iowa foaled; Stakes: Arden Downs, Adios, Fox #95, Horseman #113, Hoosier #85, Progress Place.

"SB Sweet As Candy" 8T186

Sire: Southwind Flash

Dam: Candy is Dandy 7E465

MN sired, Iowa foaled; Stakes: Arden Downs, Currier & Ives

Horseman #113, Ralph Wilfong #84, Hoosier Stake #85, Yonkers Trot


"SB Prince Archie" 1T943

Sire: Arts Chip

Dam: Chloes Silver Star 2BR32

MN sired, Iowa foaled; Stakes: Arden Downs, Adios, Fox #95, Horseman #113, Hoosier #85, Progress Place.

**Al-Mar Nurse Talk**

Sire: Money Talks Dam: Registered Nurse

MN Eligible

**AL-Mar Fresno Bank**

Sire: Banker Volo, Dam: Yankee Fresno

MN Eligible

**Al-Mar Boo Boo** 6T040

Sire: Money Talks, Dam: Millette Hanover

MN Eligible

**Al-Mar Spotlight**

Sire: Money Talks, Dam: Sweet Ellie Mae

MN Eligible


Major Athens~Ourbella Lella (Iowa)

*Double Kay*

Keystone Swagger~Keepin House (Iowa)

*Barefoot Fashion* 9T216 (Kentucky)

Pekoe Fashion~Barefoot Brook

*Ice Master* 4T717 (MN)

Ice Machine~Ina Haze

*Sir Swan* (IA, IN)

Guccio~Finally Hanover

*Wisco Finale* (MN)

Easy Again~Fox Valley Sarong

*Easy Wisco* (MN)

Easy Again~Secret Alaby

*Wisco Pixie* (MN)

Southwind Flash~Bullvillinthfuture

*Flying Cowchip* 2T115 (black filly)

Lukas Hall~Cowchip Choice

*Lucky the Winner* 1T133 (bay filly)

Lucas Hall~Lucky Courtney

*May.be.a.cadillac* (bay gelding)

Mae Western

*What a Hall* 5T721 (bay gelding)

Lucas Hall~Stenben Hay

*Lucky Hall*

Lucas Hall~Hide Your Crazy

*Frisky Jeans* 0T647 (bay horse)

Money Talks~Jeans-N-Ring

*Tops* 7T243 (bay horse)

Money Talks~Charming Chip

*Chip Talk* 4T443 (bay horse)

Money Talks~E's Last Chip

MN eligible

*Lyn's Money* 7T564 (bay mare)

Money Talks~Lyn's Angel

MN eligible

*Money Can Do It* 7T573 (bay gelding)

Money Talks~Honey Can Do It

MN eligible

** Sheila's Dream** 5D570


16H Broodmare, mark of 1:57, in foal to For You Almost Free (mark 1:53 and earning 500k)

**Chantilly Hall** 3JP22

Deweychetumnhowe~CR OH Suzanne

16H Broodmare but able to drive, proven. In foal to For You Almost Free (mark of 1:53 and earning 500k)

**DP Scramble Fast** 1TA83

The Village Rusty~Sporty Dumpling

MN bred IA foaled

**DP Jesses Girl** 5T980

For You Almostfree~Seven Points Jesse

MN bred IA foaled

**DP Miss Princess** 4T234

For You Almostfree~Benatar

MN bred IA foaled

**DP Lone Star** 3T777

For You Almostfree~Go Go Fast

MN bred IA foaled

**DP Freedom's Bay** 1T985

For You Almostfree~My Give A Damn's Busted

MN bred IA foaled, nice upstanding yearling!

**Winter Flashy** MN eligible

**Chipper Chip** MN eligible

**Tenn Chipped** MN eligible

Mares just consigned by JNM Acres, Morrison IL

**Carlees Conquest** 0A449

Sire: Arts Conquest Dam: Joyces Pet

Mare is open.

**Missy Artsie** Z9250

Sire: Artsplace Dam: A Song for Sara

Broodmare is open. Poor sight in one eye, but not blind. Mare has produced 1:49.3. Dam of Stucky Dote


Sire: Southwind Flash, Dam: The Life of Pie. MN and Iowa eligible.

Its Gonna Happen 3T208

Sire: Wind Me Up, Dam: Athletically Inclined. MN and Iowa eligible.

North of Carmel 2T383

Sire: Wind Me Up, Dam: Village Bolero. MN and Iowa eligible.

Wish of a Lifetime 5A075.

Sire: Western Hanover, Dam: Lifetime Member, Sires sire: No Nukes, Sires dam: Wendymae Hanover, Dams sire: Life Sign, Dams dam: Clear Copy. A Western Hanover mare, very good conformation. Bred to Wind Me Up, stud fee paid. Colt will be MN, Iowa, and California elegible. Her dam Lifetime Member has a record of 1:50.2 and earnings of $472,000. We have a Wind Me Up yearling filly that is beautiful! We just have to cut down on mares.

Our May West XD2304

Sire: Western Hanover, Dam: Artistic Pleasure.

Broodmare in foal.

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