Heartland Standardbred Sale

Previously known as Minnesota Standardbred Sale

Early Consignments

Consigned by Al-Mar Farm, Withee WI 715-669-3518

All Rocked Kid** 6W673, Bay mare, Foaled 6-9-21                             

Karpathian Kid ~ All Roked Out

MN Eligible ~ Al-Mar Farm

**Al-Mar Black Gem**  4WC32, Black mare, Foaled 5-17-21

Aracache Hanover ~ Wisconsin Believer

MN Eligible ~ Al-Mar Farm

**Al-Mar Moon Dust**  7W576, Bay mare, Foaled 4-5-21

Money Talks ~ Millette Hanover

MN Eligible ~ Al-Mar Farm

**Al-Mar Victorious**  9W771, Bay gelding, Foaled 4-17-21

Make or Miss ~ Golden Victory

MN Eligible ~ Al-Mar Farm

**Al-Mar Tootsie**  7W566, Bay mare, Foaled 4-15-21

Southwind Cobra ~ Anticipation

MN Eligible

**Al-Mar Humbug**  7W713, Bay gelding, Foaled 4-16-21

Lear Jetta ~ Now From Then

MN Eligible

**Ariel's Beach Girl**  Bay Mare, Foaled 4-22-21

Ariel Salute ~ Thebeachismine

MN Eligible

**Wet Water Lily** 0WA80, Bay mare, Foaled 5-23-21

MN Eligible

**Al-Mar Lil Dazzle**  4WC29, Bay mare, Foaled 5-8-21

Aracache Hanover ~ Liz's Lil KK

MN eligible

**Al-Mar Pure Delight**  7W719, Black mare, Foaled 3-28-21

Southwind Flash ~ Vestal Hanover

MN eligible

**Al-Mar Brainiac** 7W275, Bay mare, Foaled 3-14-21

For You Almost Free ~ Sheila's Dream

MN bred, in MN program.  AGENT

**Royal Prospect** 3WP07, Bay horse, Foaled 4-14-21

Royalty For Life ~ Prospect

Ontario Bred, IA foaled. Al-Mar Farms AGENT

**Volare Prise** 5W642, Bay horse, Foaled 4-23-21

Enterprise ~ Dojea Volare

OH bred, IA foaled.  AGENT

**Jetta Girl**  9W897, Bay mare, Foaled 4-17-21

Lear Jetta ~ Georgian Girl

MN bred, and in MN program.  AGENT

**Al-Mar Speed Fox**  6WC34, Mare, Foaled 5-8-21

Lear Jetta ~ DJ Speedy Fox

MN bred, in MN program.  AGENT

**Starlicious Jewel**  9W731, Brown mare, Foaled 4-22-21

Lear Jetta ~ Starlicious

MN bred, in MN program.  AGENT

**Spicymoneymaker**  7W580, Bay mare, Foaled 5-12-21

Money Talks ~ BL Sugar An Spice

MN bred, in MN program.  AGENT

**Erins Trey** 8W333, Bay gelding, Foaled 4-25-21

Three of Clubs ~ Caviart Erins

MN bred.  AGENT

**Wild Card Warning**  8W523, Bay mare, Foaled 2-23-21

Three of Clubs ~ I Warned You

MN bred.  AGENT

**I Warned You**  4L442, Black mare, Foaled 4-3-13

Up Front Brad ~ I'm Warniny U

Vet checked in foal to Three of Clubs.  Last breeding date was 2-23-22. This mare will drive in buggy.  Traffic safe and sound, good horse.  AGENT

**Cool Cruiser**  0CB136, Bay mare, Foaled 1-26-05

Yankee Cruiser ~ Vet checked in foal to Three of Clubs.  Last breeding date was 5-16-22.  AGENT


Consigned by Mr. Fredrick Hofsaess, Stonebridge Farm


**SB Cold Cash**  9W912, Bay mare, Foaled 5-1-21

Ice Machine ~ Urge to Splurge

MN sired, IA foaled.  Stakes Arden Downs, Currier & Ives, Hoosier stake #87, Horseman No. 115, Yankers Trot

**SB Benchmark**  2W590, Bay gelding, Foaled 4-9-21

Wind Me Up ~ Cheryl's Surprise

MN sired, IA foaled.  Stakes Califorina Sires, Adios, Arden Downs, Fox Stake No. 97, Hoosier Stake No. 115, Progress Pace, Horseman No. 115

**SB Eye Candy**  7W725, Bay gelding, foaled 4-21-21

Southwind Flash ~ Candy is Dandy

MN sired, IA foaled.  Stakes, Arden Downs, Currier & Ives, Hoosier Stake No. 87, Horseman No. 115, Yonkers Trot


Consigned by JNM Farms 815-213-8382

**JNM Strike Again** 7W592, Bay gelding, Foaled 4-1-21

Easy Again ~ Diana's Cancan

MN bred.

**Altogether Lovely**  7W595, Bay mare, Foaled 4-8-21

Easy Again ~ Monogamous

MN bred.



Consigned by Alvin Borntrager 515-512-6940

**Classy Pearl**  9W282, Bay mare, Foaled 6-1-21

Class Included ~ Finally Hanover

Bred in IL, foaled in IA.  A nice well built filly, very athletic.  Will be in jog cart and broke.


Consigned by Willis Borntrager 515-868-2168

**CattleLac Luke** 9WC03, bay gelding, Foaled 6-1-21

Lukas Hall ~ Steuben Hey Dude

IA eligible.  

**Rocken West**  3WC68, Bay mare, Foaled 5-24-21

Vlos ~ We Love Western

MN and IA eligible.

**Sailing Calchips** 9WC04, Bay gelding, Foaled 4-9-21

Lukas Hall ~ Calchips Choice

IA eligible


Consigned by Rudy Borntreger 507-346-2166

**Jetta's Secret** 0WA87, Dark Bay gelding, Foaled 4-17-21

Lear Jetta ~ Fischer's Filly

MN program.

**Brag For Royalty** 8W443, Bay gelding, Foaled 5-3-21

Braggart ~ Acelace Street

MN program, very athletic.

**Holiday's Jetta**  2WA54, Dark Bay gelding, Foaled 5-1-21

Lear Jetta ~ Fashion Road

MN program.


Consigned by Troyer's Equine Stables 507-200-3956

**Cannae Cindy**  2A566, Bay mare, Foaled 3-23-2003

Bettar's Delight ~ Cannae Jenna

Preg checked in foal to Linwood Player (1:50.2, $312,265).

Check out her pedigree and her offspring.  Service fee paid, no refund.  Bred on 6-28-21


Consigned by Larry Bosma 712-230-1218

**Wind Up My Night** 4W902, Bay horse, Foaled 5-9-21

Wind Me Up ~ Mycornerofthenight

In the IA program and MN program.  Easy to catch, can pick up all 4 feet, used to the halter.


Consigned by Elmer Yoder 

**K's Pincess**  7W346, Bay mare, Foaled 5-9-21

Spectator K ~ Princess Lawxmount

Sharp filly, IA foaled.


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